The role of women in a business world

Modern women nowadays capable of achieving any task, entrepreneur, strong and creative has a significant role in business. It’s hard to imagine, how the world of business would be without direct intervention of women

Let’s analyze, which is the true and significant role of women in the business world. We know in all business relationships exists two fair parts that keep the economic balance in a business: customers and retailers. Society demands us to be consumers, and it forces us to induce the generation of income either like employees or like entrepreneurs.

Women these days have been forced to be more active in the business world and that can be proven daily by seeing women working day by day either to maintain a family or just to seek a better life. So, what is the meaningful role of women in business?

Effects of women in business

-Women are consumers are natural consumers thus they maintain the flow of capital keeping the growing of economy.

-Women provide required resources to economic growing by giving manpower; this is because they tend to be more dedicated and perfectionists. Therefore, they are the perfect element for manufacture labors.

Women in business

-The women as an entrepreneur maintain the perfect relation in a business giving dynamism and fresh ideas, unique from nature of women.

Effects discrimination of women in business

Here some points to keep in mind about this issue. Women are capable of doing whatever, they want to do, they have been successful women in business which worth remembering as Indra Nooyi, Irene Rosenfeld, Pat Woertz, Anne Mulcahy. Any effect of discrimination of women in business is harmful no matter what kind of discrimination is done.

Have you ever been in a job where no women around? The job becomes lazy and boring, no fresh ideas no harmony in the ambience. The presence of powerful women in business eliminates these effects, giving courage to keep up the company.

Unfortunately, women have grown and barely been recognized as a symbol of businesses just a few decades ago, before that they were treated in a demeaning way. Today there are some groups and persons that stupidly keep the same macho idea:” Only men are a symbol of success” but, even if it’s hard for these people to accept, women have grown and will keep growing,either way biologically speaking the most notorious difference between women and men is that women are more equipped of brain neurons than man.

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