How to recruit employees for your business

A recruitment campaign for your business can be a hard challenge, sometimes is quite hard to choose the correct candidate for a job position and many times human resource management processes are complicated if you don’t have experience, so here some tips of how to recruit employees for job positions in your business.

  • Make deep research about the job position: Find out what are the profiles needed, skills, studies and efficiencies. Let’s suppose you are running a web design company and you want to hire a flash programmer. Making the research we find we need a specialist on flash and an internet savvy person who should have computer science studies and a dedicated worker.
  • Find the correct person to make your recruitment campaign. Why is this? Many times the recruiter doesn’t know anything about the profile needed for the job or many of them may know about it but they don’t know anything about technical issues. Using the same example of the flash programmer: The recruiter should know at least what the hell is Flash and why is hiring a flash programmer.
  • Psychometric tests: I don’t really know if these tests are a rule of thumb, but for me are useless, many candidates know how to manipulate these tests that’s why I recommend you to analyze the candidate by making targeted questions and analyzing his/her corporal reactions. Psychometric tests are a waste of time and a limit to potential candidates: Employees are working for you not just to make you rich also to grow within the company itself so a person may change is perspective and become a valuable member.
  • Apply tests to your new candidates either theory and practical tests; I have seen amazing resumes and sometimes are a fake so don’t risk your company and apply tests to your candidates.
  • Make sure your new employee won’t run on the first 6 months: Ask for desired salaries, objectives and life expectative. Show what you can offer and let them to take a decision.
  • Be friendly all the time: You want the best for your company so hire the best and provide the best working environment.

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